Masterpiece@work career transition and coachingprogram will

assess your unique Career Intelligence and real-world assets

design a personal Transition Map true to your needs and well-being

deliver avisual & narrative Progress Sketch after every consultation

co-create your Signature Plan with options, next steps, timelines

support using Gallery of Resources to develop and fulfill your Plan

Specialty Masterpiece Programs:

MasterpieceOwner coaching and development for business owners and entrepreneurs

MasterpieceLeader leadership development and executive coaching for key contributors

MasterpieceTeam facilitation for developing a Culture of Cooperation

reap the rewards of your CareerSpan
composing work for senior professionals to showcase signature strengths and lifelong expertise

Design an authentic career vision with a plan and tools for its fulfillment. Discover and target more satisfying work, develop work-life balance, define and achieve professional goals. [learn more]
Improve leadership talent, insight and cooperation. Encourage innovation, focus team vision and action; develop and retain the most resilient professionals in today's work force. [learn more]
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